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Cat Sitting

  When Should I Hire a Cat Sitting Professional?

Cats may be relatively independent animals, but that doesn't mean that they can take care of themselves. While your cat can be okay without you for a night, they still should be looked over by someone if you are leaving for an extended period of time. Whether you are away for business or pleasure, you will benefit from hiring a cat sitting professional from What About the Pets.


A cat sitting professional at What About the Pets can make sure that your kitty is taken care of, comfortable, and happy while you are gone. Each standard cat sitting visit includes playtime, fresh food and water, clean litter, and more. If you have a cat that needs medication, make sure to mention that during your consultation. The cat sitting professional services at What About the Pets also allow for watering plants, retrieving mail, changing lights, and taking care of your security system.

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