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Dog Sitter

Who Offers the Best Dog Sitter Services in Town?

There are dog sitters and then there is THE dog sitter. If you live in Essex County, you might want to pick up the phone in order to hire What About the Pets for your dog sitter needs. Established in 2010, What About the Pets has been offering a variety of pet care services to customers at affordable rates. Known for their quality care and true passion for animals, the team at What About the Pets in Montclair, NJ can ease your dog sitting burden.


Hiring a dog sitter from What About the Pets is as easy as picking up a phone. All you'll need to do is provide the team with standard information, including how many pets you have and how many visits you will need to book. With this information on hand, you'll be ready for your consultation.


Don't let your need of a dog sitter prevent your next trip or vacation. Let What About the Pets ease your concerns, today.

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