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Dog Sitters Near Me

Finding Dog Sitters Near Me is Easy with What About the Pets

Does it break your heart to imagine your dog at home bored while you are away? Does it absolutely crush you to consider locking your dog up in a kennel while some stranger watches over them? If you are like me, then you know how important it is to keep your dog properly cared for while you are gone. For that reason, I made sure to scour the area for the top dog sitters near me.


Finding the best dog sitters near me in Essex County was easy once I found out about What About the Pets. As a full-service pet sitting company, the team at What About the Pets is perfectly situated to keep my dog safe, happy, and comfortable until I return from business trips. With daily walks and overnight sitting services available, it is easy to see why What About the Pets is the most trusted pet care company in the entire region.

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