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Overnight Pet Sitting

What are the Benefits of Overnight Pet Sitting?

When you have to leave home, you can't always bring your pets with you. While some pet owners will turn to kennels to take care of their pets, we believe in the value that overnight pet sitting services provide. Finding a reputable overnight pet sitting professional can transform your schedule, thus allowing you to leave home with the knowledge that your pets are taken care of.


Overnight pet sitting services allow your pets to stay inside of their regular environment while you are away. This will allow your dog or cat to stay comfortable, even as they are taken care of by someone new. If you are interested in overnight pet sitting services, you should consider contacting the team at What About the Pets.


Since 2010, What About the Pets has offered extensive overnight pet sitter services to their customers in areas of Essex County. Overnight petting sitting starts at $90/night, so contact the team for your free consultation to hear more details.

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