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Pet Sitters Near Me

Tips and Tricks for Finding Pet Sitters Near Me

I know that I can't prevent emergencies, but that doesn't mean that I can't plan for them. As a cat owner, I know that it is important to make sure that my cat is always taken care of when I can't be there for her. In order to ensure her health and happiness, I know that it is important to find reliable pet sitters near me long before I actually need one. If you live in Essex County, NJ, as I do, then you might want to contact What About the Pets.


Established in 2010, What About the Pets is easily one of the most reliable pet sitters near me. Known for their quality care and attentive practices, What About the Pets has already taken home a host of local awards. The company offers a variety of different services depending on the specific needs of your animal. If I want to have emergency pet sitters near me on speed-dial, I'd call What About the Pets for my free consultation.

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